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Long time blogger, since we called it Web Log. Patriot to the Garden Parish. St. Ann's Bay is where you will see us sitting on a bench at the library most days, if not, then look for me chilling at Ocho Rios Turtle River Park. We travel all around the parish, so if you want to extend an invite to a place you find interesting, let us here at Garden Parish know.

PEP Results Satisfactory For Most

15/08/2019 Lemon Hall 0

Parents and teachers at three primary schools in St. Ann are experiencing pleasure with the results of the recently released Primary Exit Profile (PEP). Melonie Simpson told JIS News that she is elated as her […]

Don Reid Eyes On Hospital Food

27/01/2019 Lemon Hall 0

Don Reid puts a hilarious twist on a personal experience with his debut single Hospital Food. He had aggravated an old sports injury and was hospitalised, but used the misfortune to start his musical career. […]

Ochi High Student Mash Up CSEC

28/06/2018 Lemon Hall 0

It took hard work and dedication, matched with deep focus for 17-year-old Malik Bennett of Pimento Walk in Ocho Rios to achieve success. The Ocho Rios High School student passed 13 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate […]

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