Virtual Reggae Sunsplash 2020- Get Ready!

11/11/2020 symbolic 0

Reggae Sunsplash will be virtual this year, for obvious reasons. If you have been living under a rock with a face mask, then let me remind you that it is the pandemic year. Reggae Sunsplash, [more..]

PEP Results Satisfactory For Most

15/08/2019 symbolic 0

Parents and teachers at three primary schools in St. Ann are experiencing pleasure with the results of the recently released Primary Exit Profile (PEP). Melonie Simpson told JIS News that she is elated as her [more..]

Ja to Receive Additional Flights from Atlanta

06/12/2016 symbolic 0

The much anticipated winter tourist season, which officially starts in another two weeks, will be significantly boosted by some 60,000 visitors courtesy of Delta Vacations and the Mexico headquartered, Turissimo Excursions. The two destination management [more..]

St Ann markets overcrowded

09/11/2016 symbolic 0

St Ann’s Bay Mayor Mayor Desmond Gilmore said there is need for more space in the markets in St Ann. “It seems to me that all our markets are overcrowded and I think that one [more..]

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