Fox in Socks

05/05/2020 symbolic 0

Fox Socks Box Knox Knox in box. Fox in socks. Knox on fox in socks in box. Socks on Knox and Knox in box. Fox in socks on box on Knox. Chicks with bricks come. […]

Deadly Dengue Drastically Disappearing

15/08/2019 symbolic 0

Dengue Drastically Disappearing The St. Ann Health Department says there has been a drastic decline in the number of reported cases of dengue fever in the parish. In an interview with JIS News, Acting Medical […]

Four Primary and Infant Schools Upgrade

15/08/2019 symbolic 0

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is to carry out infrastructural upgrade of four St. Ann-based Primary and Infant schools. Portfolio Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, told JIS News that the upgrading work […]

Labour Day Saw 20 Hernia Surgeries at SABH

15/08/2019 symbolic 0

Twenty hernia patients at the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital have benefitted from well-needed surgeries, freeing them of constant pain, and enabling them to return to work and other activities. The surgeries were all performed […]

PEP Results Satisfactory For Most

15/08/2019 symbolic 0

Parents and teachers at three primary schools in St. Ann are experiencing pleasure with the results of the recently released Primary Exit Profile (PEP). Melonie Simpson told JIS News that she is elated as her […]

Who Benefits From Bauxite Mining?

15/08/2019 symbolic 0

Bauxite mining has now arrived in Walkerswood, Saint Ann. There is large scale mining of bauxite taking place to the east and south of Walkerswood. The bauxite company is carrying out its activities with no […]

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