Initiating Ocho Rios Cleanup

Finally, right?

Well the cleanup is scheduled to begin September 5th just in time for the opening of schools.

There’s a huge  backup of garbage, and that never smells right, does it?

I know you can sense the stench now, but hopefully the programme will be executed without a hitch, or without funds towards this end up missing without any progress.

stanngarbageThe North Eastern Parks and Markets (NEPM) – affiliate to the National Solid Waste Management Authority – has been facing challenges in the collection of solid waste, as only one unit has been serving the Ocho Rios area.

Chief Technical Officer at the NSWMA, Audley Gordon, says the aim is to remove any excess garbage in the area, and return normality to the collection schedule.

Yes, I agree the people adding to the garbage chaos should take part in this too, however these people are followers so if they see progress being made  i’m sure they will come together and do their part.

Let’s start it. And yes, this should be the start of a project with the ambition of mirroring a same strategy within other cities.

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