Below you will find a list of schools in the parish of St. Ann. This, of course, is not exhaustive and will continue to be a work in progress. If you know of a school we’ve missed, we’d really love to hear about it.

High Schools

  1. St. Ann’s Bay High School
  2. Ocho Rios High School
  3. St. Hildas Diocesan High School
  4. Brown’s Town Comprehensive High School
  5. York Castle High School
  6. Aabuthnott Gallimore High School
  7. Marcus Garvey Technical High School
  8. Ferncourt High School
  9. Alexandria Seconday School
  10. Iona High School

Junior High

  1. Bamboo Junior High
  2. Moneague Primary and Junior High
  3. Muirhouse Primary and Junior High
  4. Steer Town Primary and Junior High
  5. Stephney Primary and Junior High

Bamboo Junior High
Moneague Primary & Junior High
Muirhouse Primary & Junior High
Steer Town Primary & Junior High
Stephney Primary & Junior High
St. Monica’s Commercial College
Iona High