Brown’s Town – 6 miles south of Discovery Bay

A visit to Brown’s Town in St. Ann is a great way to see a genuine Jamaican market town. Brown’s Town is one of the most important and biggest inland town in St Ann, it market attracts farmers and vendors from all over the surrounding Blue Harbour Mountains and further afield. It is best to visit on market days (Wednesday, Friday or Saturday) to see the town at its liveliest.

In addition to the market, Brown’s Town is famous for its range of educational institutions. The Brown’s Town Community College offers tertiary courses from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the University of Technology (UTech) and three well regarded secondary schools.

Hamilton Brown

Brown’s Town is named after its founder, Hamilton Brown. Hamilton Brown was an eccentric Irishman who owned a lot of land in rural St. Ann Parish. Although Brown was well respected in his community he also made a lot of enemies

One of Brown’s contributions to the town was to finance the construction of the St Mark’s Anglican Church. However, he abhorred the work of the Baptists and missionaries and is alleged to have orchestrated the burning-down of Baptist churches and free slave villages.