St. Ann Parish Church

The St. Ann Parish Church was completed in September 1871, and was consecrated by His Lordship the Bishop of Kingston, Rt. Reverend Reginald Courtney on Wednesday September 20, 1871 as the Church of ‘St. Anne’. The contract to erect the Parish Church was awarded to Climie, a Colonial Engineer.

The main walls of this late Nineteenth Century Church are constructed of cut stone. Along each elevation of the building are a series of pointed arch windows. Between each window bay are buttresses. The apse of the Church is of a semi-octagonal shape with buttresses on the corner of each side, between which are pointed arch stained glass windows with the largest being at the east end of the building.


  • Bamboo – Full Truth Tabernacle, Bamboo P.O., St. Ann Denzie Brown (Pastor)
  • Beecher Town – Beecher Town UPC, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann  Eustace Clarke (Pastor)
  • Bethel Town – Bethel Town UPC, Salem P.O., St. Ann Vindell Fullerton (Pastor)
  • Claremont – Miracle Tabernacle, Claremont P.O., St. Ann John Smith (Pastor)
  • Discovery Bay – Discovery UPC, Discovery Bay P.O., St. Ann  Howard Francis (Pastor)
  • Friendship – Friendship UPC, Moneague P.O., St. Ann Ralph Flowers (Pastor)
  • Golden Grove – Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Golden Grove, Lydford P.O., St. Ann Tel. 973-1128 David Smith (Pastor)
  • Great Pond – Life Tabernacle, Box 56, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Tel. 974-7926 Eustace Clarke (Pastor)
  • Hinds Town – Harvest Tabernacle, Salisberry P.O., St. Ann Eustace Clarke (Pastor)
  • Hyattsfield – Mount Moriah UPC, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Mrs. M. Jones (Pastor)
  • Liberty Hill – Liberty Hill UPC, St. Ann’s Bay P.O., St. Ann Lloyd Germaine (Pastor)
  • Lime Hall – Lime Hall UPC, Lime Hall P.O., St. Ann Jonathan Ward (Pastor)
  • New Ground – Gates of Praise Tabernacle Higgins Town P.A., St. Ann   Howard Francis (Pastor)
  • Ocho Rios – Bethel Tabernacle 29 James Avenue, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Tel: 759-4309 Norman J. Houslin (Pastor)
  • Orange Hill – Zion Tabernacle, Orange Hill P.A., St. Ann Joseph Lewis (Pastor)
  • Pimento Walk – Hope Chapel, Ocho Rios P.O., St. Ann Tel: 974-2878 Magnus Dockery (Pastor)
  • Priory – Priory UPC Priory P.A. Jamaica  Rupert Sharpe (Pastor)
  • Salem – Salem UPC, Salem P.O., Runaway Bay, St. Ann Vindell Fullerton (Pastor)
  • St. Ann’s Bay – Calvary Tabernacle 4½ Church Crescent, St. Ann’s Bay Tel: 972-2375 David Gallimore (Pastor)
  • Steer Town – Steer Town UPC St. Ann’s Bay P.O., St. Ann David Smith (Pastor)
  • Welcome – Mount Arcada Tabernacle, Welcome, Clydesdale P.A., St. Ann Ira Gabbidon (Pastor)
  • Walkers Wood – Walker’s Wood UPC Walker’s Wood Box 370, Ocho Rios, St. Ann Stanley Grant (Pastor)


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Claremont Apostolic

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