St. Ann Parish has a rich history, not only of people, but of buildings and places such as The Edingburh Castle, Christopher Cove- where Christopher Columbus sunk one of his ships-, Green Grotto Caves, and the more recent St. Ann’s Bay court house and Anglican church.

These structures make up the bare minimum of what the Garden Parish offers, and as a glance into our rich culture, we encourage you to browse around and see what this fascinating place offers for tourist and natives alike!

Bob Marley’s name is synonymous with a number of things on a global level. What he has achieved for a people can never be equaled. Many people – both natives and visitors- does not know that Robert Nesta Marley was birthed in the parish of St. Ann.

This is just a smaller picture of all the history we will make you aware of when you keep the Garden parish in mind. You will hear mentions of people like Marcus Garvey- another strong leader of his time-; Peter Cargill- Captain of Jamaica’s first World Cup Football team-; Burning Spear- another famous musician-; and places like Seville Heritage park where you can see another historic great house.

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