Don Reid Eyes On Hospital Food

Don Reid puts a hilarious twist on a personal experience with his debut single Hospital Food. He had aggravated an old sports injury and was hospitalised, but used the misfortune to start his musical career.

“This song has opened up many doors for me. A lot of people already know the song online and love the humour in it. It was good that I was able to take that situation and turn it into a positive experience,” he said.

The song was recorded in September 2018 on producer Danny Browne’s Main Street Records label. A music video was recently released and the up-and-coming act is pleased with the reception.

“I got involved in music because of my love and passion for it. The feedback from fans and the online community has been very encouraging so far, a lot of people love the video and I am excited about it,” said the singjay.

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Born in Kingston, he was raised in St Ann where he attended Ferncourt High in Claremont, St Ann. He got a job in the financial sector as a bank teller at 16. Today, he is a manager at National Commercial Bank (NCB) Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland.

“The fact that I am an entertainer, it is a conversation starter. People are intrigued by the phenomenon of a professional banker recording and performing music. And invariably, that leads to a new banking relationship with customers, they love the idea,” he said.

“I always wrote songs and sang and deejay, and every chance I got, I performed at public functions,” he continued.

Don Reid is now working with Danny Browne on his first full length project, and is seeking to work with various producers and artistes in the future.

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