Ochi High Student Mash Up CSEC

It took hard work and dedication, matched with deep focus for 17-year-old Malik Bennett of Pimento Walk in Ocho Rios to achieve success.

The Ocho Rios High School student passed 13 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects he sat in June 2017.

Bennett, who dreams of one day becoming a computational chemist, attained six grade one passes, four grade two passes and three grade three passes.

Though many critics may question the need to do so many subjects in one sitting, Bennett said that he did the subjects to create a sense of achievement for himself.

“I did them (the subjects) to satisfy myself and to leave high school with a sense of achievement and I was able to achieve it,” he said.

Bennett, who is a believer in God, has excelled in academics from his days at Parry Town Primary School and this transcended throughout his high school tenure.

His study pattern in preparing for his CSEC exams involved studying with friends at school and studying at home.

Bennett also balanced his studies by being active in extra-curricular activities at Ocho Rios High School. He was a student council representative, a member of the prefect body and assistant coach of Ocho Rios High’s School Challenge Quiz Team.

With most of his friends being on the quiz team, Bennett indicated they were able to study together at school.

And when the results were released, they were beyond impressive for Malik Bennett.

He received grades one in English A, Chemistry, Information Technology, Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM), Integrated Science and Principles of Business (POB).

Bennett attained grade two passes in Biology, Electrical Technology, Mathematics and Principles of Accounts.

He got grade three passes in Social Studies, Spanish and Technical Drawing.

Bennett thanks his friends, teachers, and especially his parents, Suzan Henry and Christopher Bennett, who supported him.

His favourite subjects are Chemistry and Information Technology, which are both vital in achieving his dream of one day becoming a computational chemist.

Computational chemistry uses computer stimulation to assist in solving chemical problems. It uses methods of theoretical chemistry, incorporated into efficient computer programs to calculate the structures and properties of molecules and solids.

Bennett’s next journey on the road to success is to attend sixth form at the Ocho Rios High School and then to move on to university.

His advice to students sitting the CSEC examinations is, “it is only hard if you make it hard… Remain focused and work with your teachers.”

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