Boogieman – Soulsville (1980’s -1990’s) Seville Heights/Priory

Dully – Turbo Charge (1980’s) – Priory/Seville Heights

Dukie – Duke Hamilton Disco

Jack Ruby – Jack Ruby Hi-Power

Fat Jaw – Jack Ruby Hi-Power

Squingy – Jamintel/Bass Odyssey /Turbo Charge/Easy Rock


Berger – Turbo Charge


Raymix – Mellow Phonic

Ashile Di Real Child



We are constantly populating and updating this list so if there is someone you know to be a recognizable Selecta out of the Garden Parish, please don’t hesitate to email and let us know the following:

  • Selectas(DJ’s) name,
  • Sound System Name,
  • Location and Owner information,
  • The time he/she was in charge of the sound

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