Ocho Rios Bay Beach, also referred to as “Turtle Beach” is nestled between Sunset Jamaica Grande on the eastern side and Ocho Rios Cruise Ship pier on the western end.

beachgrassIts brilliant white sand, crystal clear water and captivating view of the Caribbean Sea are complemented by other amenities such as concessionary motorized water sports activities, snack shop and picnic facilities.

Ideal for your special events including weddings, parties, and family trips.


Spend an hour, or all day. You can find local vendors next to the gate at the beach offering a variety of food, drink and wares. Or if it fits your mood better, just walk over to the shopping plaza housing Burger King and KFC, and local pastry shops, eat your fill and return to your idle time on the beach.


It’s always great to interact with the lifeguard and local beach bums there – they know all the spots where you should be, and all the places where you should get into trouble.

Another pleasant surprise you might enjoy is the sighting of a very famous character who visits the beach daily – usually between 3 and 5p.m. if she happens to be in the country.

We won’t reveal the name, you just have to be there to interact and play some hand ball with her.