We will preface this with “there are bargains at every craft market in the parish, but you have to be willing to bargain for those bargains!”

That said, the garden parish boasts a plethora of art and crafts that will take your breath away. Anywhere from the natural surroundings being sold, to a man who has never attended art school in any stages of his life carving majestic looking items.

Below is a small list of locations where you can get various arts and crafts to purchase:

Fern Gully Craft stops


You can journey up the Ferngully road yourself, or you can have your favorite taxi and tour bus operator take you there. No matter how you get there, you are sure to find some gems, from carvings to upholstery and knitted items.


Some will be outright shocking, some will bring a giggle out of you, but the one thing they have in common is an expression that is raw and pure. You can feel the fascination in your bones, and a need for wanting the feeling to continue.


If you do feel that feeling, then by all means bargain for your purchase and make your purchase, take it home with you and enjoy the bliss forever!







Pineapple Craft Market



Located roughly two miles north east of Ocho Rios, you can also get great deals here as well.




Ocho Rios Craft Market













Colegate craft stop