Crowd Funding Gutter Cleanups

I was walking up main street in Ocho Rios sometime last week, admiring all the offerings from cigar selling shops to money exchange sites and underground money exchange personnel (Dollars Man), when just close to Mongoose Tavern, and directly at the gate of Moon Palace (formerly Jamaica Grande Resort) an only Caucasian female stood looking at the gutter water heading for the beach.

“Hey honey.” She said “Get a picture of this too. Look at that, it’s awful!”

Feeling awkward because I was walking by, the male in her company did not lift his camera, she however did not hesitate, her digital camera aimed at the brown water, the boxes and cans within it.

When I looked at it what they were taking photos of, my heart fell to the ground, and my soul went with it. I honestly couldn’t blame them for taking those photos, which I’m sure will go on their Facebook traveling adventure page, or even on TripAdvisor. I felt so badly about the whole ordeal that I stopped and took a photo of my own.

Should government or people help?

Should corporations help?

How can we teach the restaurants and general public that this affects us and not only the industry?