JLP Eager To Take Control Of St Ann Municipal Corporation

Everald Warmington and Prime Minister Andrew Holness with Shahine Robinson during a Jamaica Labour Party rally in St Ann's Bay, St Ann on Sunday.

As the election temperature rises, Labourites in St Ann were on Sunday told that come the night of November 28, a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) candidate will be set to take up office as mayor for the St Ann Municipal Corporation. Shahine Robinson, the member of parliament for North East St Ann, told jubilant supporters that the JLP candidates were working in the field and she had the confidence that the party will again take control of the municipal corporation.

It was, however, said that the candidates would need the full support of workers and sympathisers to secure victory at the polls.

She cautioned supporters and candidates that the upcoming local government election was not one that should be taken lightly.

“They (candidates) now need you to carry them over the finish line. They will be counting on everyone you on the 28th of November to make sure you put the X beside the bell,” Robinson a throng of supporters at the Marcus Garvey Technical High School in St Ann’s Bay.


She said that the Jamaican electorate is wise and educated and, as such, she has warned JLP candidates not to make promises that they cannot fulfil.

Robinson, who is also the minister of social security, also told supporters that the people have been neglected by People’s National Party-controlled local authorities.

She said councillors had an important role to play in government and called on supporters to boot non-performing councillors from office.

“Councillors are important. They are the link between the member of parliament and what is happening on the ground with the people. I depend on them. My job will be easier when I have a councillor in the Lime Hall division. It will be easier when I have a councillor in the Ocho Rios division,” she said.

The four-term MP said she had no doubt that the JLP will sweep the Exchange and the St Ann’s Bay divisions.


Outspoken JLP Member of Parliament Everald Warmington was also on hand to give support to the candidates.

Warmington said he was confident that the JLP would again defeat the PNP at the polls.

He told supporters not feel weary if things are not happening as quickly as they anticipated because, according to him, “it takes a long time to correct the mess that we found [which] was left by the People’s National Party”.

“Every Labourite should be happy. All Labourites should walk strong because the Jamaica Labour Party is here to defend you,” he said.

The South West St Catherine MP also said to supporters that they should forget about what they did not

get individually, but should look towards securing a better future for the country through the JLP.

“Think about your children and your children’s children. Forget about the benefit today and think about what you will do [for them],” he said.

He again reiterated that he will not give exclusivity to members of parliament and councillors while he executes his duties as state minister with responsibility for works in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

He said any citizens can contact him to voice their concerns about the state of their community’s infrastructure.