Zarah Celebrates St Ann Bee Win With A Patty

Zarah Wallace (right), of Tomlinson’s Christian Academy, is congratulated by her coach, Meleithia Lawrence (centre) and her grandmother Mercylyn Ellis, who recently suffered a stroke but still came out to support.

Ocho Rios, St Ann:

Zarah Wallace is a seven-year-old third-grader who loves colouring and her favourite colour is pink, “because it is pretty”.

She is a part of her school’s art club. After winning the parish title she asked for her favourite treat, a cheese patty.

Her coach has been working with her since March of this year. This is Tomlinson’s Christian Academy’s fourth consecutive win.

Coach on winning: “Happy, overwhelmed, overjoyed, elated, all the happy words in the dictionary; that’s how I feel. We always say, to God be the Glory, we always put God first in our club.

“I saw the potential in her from she was in kindergarten; she always has a book. They say when a child loves to read, the potential is great.

Mother: “I am extremely overwhelmed and happy for both her [Zarah] and Tayshaun and Ms Lawrence. I think they all did well today. Especially Ms Lawrence, she’s so dedicated.”

1. Zarah Wallace, Tomlinson Christian Academy

2. Tayshaun Hall, Tomlinson Christian Academy

3. Justin Ridgard, Golden Grove All-Age

4. Akili Hall, Mar-Jam Preparatory

5. Kianna Kelly, United Learning Centre

Top Boy: Tayshaun Hall, Tomlinson Christian Academy

Top Girl: Zarah Wallace, Tomlinson’s Christian Academy

Winning word: G-E-R-O-N-T-O-L-O-G-Y

Coach: Meleithia Lawrence

Number of spellers: 54