galeria-dolphin-trek-dolphin-cove-ocho-rios-3Dolphins are amazing mammals. They can do amazing things, but the first question that comes to mind about Dolphins in captivity is “are they being treated with the utmost love and care?”

If you have a series of questions pertaining to the care of Dolphins, then you should visit Dolphin Cove just outside Ocho Rios!

This place of wonder will take you outside the normal realm of thought, and into those fantasies only written in books. Talk about an ultimate experience!

Nestled in a sweet spot on the coast, and right on top of the water this location is ideal for not only visitors to the cove, but also the various Ocean life puttering around the bay.

parrot-dolphin-coveIt would be a good idea to look at t map of the full Dolphin Cove layout, just to grasp the full breadth .

In the day time you can tour the animal kingdom which is a gem, then you can enjoy a fantastic glass bottom Kayak and snorkeling, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What are we into here at GPO ?

The night show of course!

Not many people will know about this,  however each and every Thursday night the brilliant staff at Dolphin Cove decides to treat us in a lovely way, by inviting every member of the family to night of entertainment!

If you want to partake in the local spirits, they will even pick you up.

shark-doplphinYou get there just before the sun goes down, upon entering the facility you get your drink of choice, or if you can’t decide, Rum Punch is always on standby. The kids will enjoy their fruit punch.  You get to walk always lovely lit steps onto the sand, always noticing a bar and caterings of Jerk Chicken is never too far out your reach. You get placed on the boardwalk to watch the sun go down  and meet the owners -yes, you read right, the owners!. If you do have children it will be a delight to watch them light up with enjoyment as everything comes to life around them. Music, mumbling and soon to be Dolphin mayhem.

Once you’ve whet your whistle enough and everyone is gathered it is time to get the show started, so they  march you over to your seat and get you ready to enjoy the Dolphin Night Show.

galeria-royal-swim-dolphin-cove-ocho-rios-8There are no words, and no matter how you think you will have seen enough by watching a video of it, nothing compares to being there, in that seat, watching the Dolphins being introduced, enjoying the reactions, and playfulness of this beautiful mammals.

You will learn scientific as well as person facts about Dolphins and their trainers. At times you will wonder if the Dolphins or the humans are in charge.

You will even get to touch and kiss them!





This is a never ending journey, so why would there be an end to this article…?