Being one of the oldest parishes in Jamaica, you know St. Ann would have to be forefront on beauty. This is probably because we got it right the first time, or we worked real hard at being beautiful. We would never take the label “Garden Parish” for granted, and this is why we always show our beauty to the world and welcome everyone to experience it with us.

67Whether you take beautiful trip to see the Gardens at Shaw Park, or decide to go further west and see Cranbrook Flower Forest, there will be an exhilarating experience to you journey. Mountains, valleys, and the beauty of water and land will be in front of you for your exploration needs. You will find enjoyment amoung the vast beauty and there’s no other choice but to enjoy being this close to the cradle of nature!

Here we show you a minor insight into what makes the Garden Parish tick, and what some call the best place on earth to be for pure energy. See Fern Gully, Prospect Plantation, Coyaba River, High Hope Estates, Enchanted Gardens, Ocho Rios Marine Park, and learn the rich history behind all these places.




Browse gardens using the links below-

Columbus Park

Konoko/Coyaba Gardens

Cranbrook Flower Forest

Fern Gully Forest

Ocho Rios Marine Park

Prospect Plantation

Shaw Park Gardens

Turtle River Park

Enchanted Gardens

High Hope Estate

Mystic Mountain