Labour Minister Welcomes Mobile Postal Service to St. Ann

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Shahine Robinson, says the provision of mobile postal service to communities in St. Ann will benefit senior citizens and facilitate economic development through the movement of mails and packages.

She was speaking at the official launch of the Postal Corporation of Jamaica’s Mobile Post Office in Steer Town on Friday (August 12).

Mrs. Robinson, who is Member of Parliament for North East St. Ann, noted that access to mail service is important for citizens living in remote areas, who do not have access to modern means of communication.

“We have recognised that a need exists for those citizens and it is important that those needs are met,” she said.

“The mobile postal agency will incorporate those needs and will ensure that citizens will still be able to communicate. This will ensure that everybody will remain relevant and not be left out of the communication loop,” she noted further.

Mrs. Robinson implored citizens and businesses to make good use of the service, noting that it will “enhance economic growth while at the same time advance the quality of life for the recipients. I certainly look forward to the expansion of this service throughout Jamaica”.

Approximately 50 communities across the island are expected to benefit from the Mobile Post Office.

The service will complement the postal corporation’s network of 283 post offices and 367 postal agencies across the island.