St Ann markets overcrowded

Local Givernment Minister Desmond McKenzie (left) and Mayor of St Ann's Bay Desmond Gilmore, inspect a wooden stall inside the Ocho Rios market recently.

St Ann’s Bay Mayor Mayor Desmond Gilmore said there is need for more space in the markets in St Ann.

“It seems to me that all our markets are overcrowded and I think that one of the things we might be doing wrong is trying to accommodate everyone; it adds to the confusion that is out there,” Gilmore said.

There are 11 markets in St Ann, three of which have more than 1,000 vendors.

“The truth is, we really don’t have enough space for everyone. At the same time, there is some space but it’s not being utilised properly,” Gilmore stated.

“For example, Ocho Rios Market, where the whole thing is so competitive. What you find is that even the persons who have stalls in the market are coming out on the streets, because we have a mentality in Jamaica that we have to be in your face rather than having the consumer coming to you.”